High-quality technical plastic products and packaging

Artekno provides wide-ranging design and production expertise for the manufacturing of even the most demanding plastic products.  Our technical contract manufacturing is supported by Artekno's own products that provide high-quality solutions for the packaging of various products.

Artekno's products range from different kinds of reinforced plastic and polyurethane products to food packaging and packaging components. Our comprehensive service includes design and manufacturing, as well as the support of our extensive network of subcontractors. We take care of our clients throughout the entire life-cycle of the product. Fearless product development, new products and innovative design are all integral parts of Artekno's company culture.

Knowledge turns into products

Artekno develops the best high-quality solutions in close collaboration with its clients. Our cost-effective manufacturing process enables competitive client solutions.

Over 95% of our clients would recommend us.

Our products and processes are always of high-quality and environmentally-friendly.


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Artekno uses dozens of materials and various manufacturing techniques with over 65 years of experience of implementing different solutions.

Materials, manufacturing techniques and mould technology evolve constantly. With our own design and development operations, we ensure our place at the cutting-edge of development.

For us, it is important to work in close collaboration with suppliers, design offices and research institutes.

Together with our clients, we make KNOWLEDGE TURN INTO PRODUCTS.

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Saarioinen Oy

Everybody in Finland is familiar with the slogan "Food cooked by mothers". The convenience food products by Saarioinen are often packed in Artekno packaging- "Artekno's strengths are top-quality products, the product knowledge of their sales team, timely deliveries and flexibility when needed.

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Artekno's polyurethane products are used in all slot machines operated by Veikkaus. Our long-lasting collaboration is based on design expertise that is the result of extensive experience in the industry.

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Eero Aarnio Originals

The collaboration between Eero Aarnio and Artekno consists of manufacturing of moulds and prototypes as well as process monitoring and product approval. It is evident that expertise is the prerequisite of success.

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Artekno Eesti Oü is looking for new Managing Director
More information Chairman of board Kimmo Korhonen (CEO Artekno Oy) +358 50 52 62 298 or Ave Merilo +372 56 909 180 (Finesta Oü)
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Artekno acquires a new 3D printer
Artekno acquires a new 3D printer in its factory. The company aims to improve its 3D printing expertise to use it especially in product development with the clients. In addition, Artekno is able to…
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A new polyurethane machine for the manufacturing of transparent elastomer
Artekno has invested in a new Unipre polyurethane machine. The machine will be used in the manufacturing of elastomer products. It suits well the manufacturing of transparent and clear polyurethane…
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