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Garia A/S is a luxury golf cart and utility car manufacturer. Garia’s products are created through a visionary innovation and development process with the best materials the automotive industry has to offer. Christoffer Hansson, Chief Operating Officer: “We want to have automotive grade material and parts in our vehicles. Artekno has helped us getting the automotive feeling, allowing us to substantiate our slogan “Other say golf cart – we say golf car.”

Artekno supplies Garia golf car interior and exterior parts due to the experience of being supplier to the automotive and agricultural vehicle industry and the experience with the production technologies needed to manufacture the parts.

“We are very pleased with the products from Artekno. When striving for perfection there will off course be hurdles, but our general perception is that Artekno wants the best for us as a customer. When there are challenges, we receive good professional feedback and we deal with them together.”

“A stable expert team to support the customer gives a good consistency in the cooperation. With the variety of production technologies and the expertise that Artekno possesses we are talking about a variety of projects in the future together where Artekno is not only the supplier, but can also help with development of new parts.”

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Vallox Oy - Home of fresh air

Vallox Oy has developed and manufactured ventilation systems in Finland for almost 50 years. High-quality ventilation technology is combined with a simple, elegant design, silence and energy efficiency. Artekno is a long-time partner and supplier for Vallox.

Purchaser Markus Värjönen: ”Our cooperation has been really good and has spawned a lot of new ideas. We both know the needs and goals of each other in product development.  We appreciate Artekno's domesticity and ability to be flexible even in demanding situations. Together we will actively continue product development.”

EPP material was already familiar for Vallox when the cooperation with Artekno started. Artekno’s experience in the manufacturing method and its impact on product design together with smooth customer service have made work at Vallox easier. “EPP allows diverse shapes to be made, what is not necessarily achieved with steel. Compared to steel structures, EPP material allows us to use diverse shapes in designs and this gives us opportunities to replace several steel parts with a single EPP part. Thermal insulation is also an important feature of our products and EPP as a material supports that. In addition, the weight of the ventilation unit can be reduced with lighter material,” Markus says. 

Vallox products naturally support sustainable development and are energy efficient. “We will continue to strengthen our partnership and joint development of more environmentally friendly equipment.” Markus comments. Artekno works actively to support Vallox in their work to meet future challenges.

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Posti Oy

"With Artekno, it has been easy to customised standard products for the specific needs of the postal service", says Pekka Kuronen, the Business Manager of Posti Oy . In the future, Posti Oy can keep counting on the continuing product development partnership.

Posti Oy delivers letters, parcels, newspapers and magazines and promotional materials, and it responsible for the operations of nearly 1,000 post offices across Finland. Posti Oy uses the following Artekno products: boxes made of foamed polypropylene, cooling gel pads, cooling elements and thermoboxes for cold delivery services and for grocery deliveries.

The "Itella Termo" service is provided throughout Finland delivering products requiring cold carriage to clients in first class condition. Its advantages are the shortness of the supply chain and fast deliveries. The service uses 65-litre boxes made of EPP, 102-litre Box'in Boxes and 242-litre thermoboxes on wheels.  For the Kauppakassi (Shopping Bag) crocery delivery service, Posti uses 60-litre Seulo thermoboxes with movable walls. The insulated thermoboxes themselves are not enough to guarantee the product quality at delivery. Cooling gel pads improve the transportation security and refrigerating time of easily perishable products.

Pekka is happy with Posti's partnership with Artekno. Specific purposes set certain requierement for materials. "We need excellent insulation properties and good impact strength. That is why EPP is the best material for us. It is also a definite plus that we are able to get all the needed accessories for the products from the same supplier."

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Eero Aarnio Originals

"Artekno combines superior expertise with excellent quality", says professor and designer Eero Aarnio. The Finnish designer, Professor h.c. Eero Aarnio is a Finnish furniture design legend. Aarnio and Artekno started their ongoing partnership already in 1967.

"I laminated the first Ball Chair myself from fibreglass, using an interior mould made of plywood slivers and covered with Kraft paper", recalls Eero Aarnio the describing the birth of the Finnish design classic.   In autumn 1965, after the success of the Cologne Trade Fair, order for the Ball Chair came in from 30 countries.  "After the Ball Chair, I designed the Pastil Chair for Asko and it was already directly manufactured by Artekno in 1967. The Ball Chair followed naturally, as Artekno took it on right after the Pastil Chair", continues Aarnio.

The collaboration between Eero Aarnio and Artekno comprises of the manufacturing of moulds and prototypes as well as process monitoring and product approval. It is evident that expertise is the prerequisite of success. "Artekno combines superior expertise with excellent quality. Their always surprising products and top-quality manufacturing maintain the competitiveness of Finnish production in the international market. For me, seeing new finished piece for the first time is always culmination of our partnership. It is always exciting to experience how an immaterial idea turns into something concrete and finally into a finished product", concludes Aarnio.

The partnership will continue in the years to come. "The next product idea is already brewing", reveals Aarnio.

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"Artekno is an active partner", says Janne Larkka ofVeikkaus. Arteknon polyuretaanituotteita on nähtävissä kaikissa Veikkauksen peliautomaateissa. Our long-lasting collaboration is based on design expertise that is the result of extensive experience in the industry.

"Artekno participates our product development process already in the mould design phase", says Janne Larkka, who works as a buyer atVeikkaus. The fruits of this partnership are among others the side elements of slot machice doors, screen frames, stands and different panels. "Artekno's products are right for the need of Veikkaus both for their cost and for their impeccable quality. Possible changes are implements and schedules kept. In addition, Artekno actively resolves any issues if those should arise", Larkka continues.

Veikkaus and Artekno have completed many successful project over the years. "The most important thing for us is securing our production. I can recall for example the challenges with the surface treatment of the polyurethane parts of the Monijasso slot machine doors and the payment terminal case mould change in the middle of production. Both issues were handled professionally!" Larkka remembers.

"We hope that Artekno is interested in our product development projects in the future as well. I warmly recommend Artekno. It is a trustworthy, professional, flexible and competitive Finnish supplier", concludes Larkka.

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Saarioinen Oy

The colourful partnership between Artekno and Saarioinen dates back many years. The majority of the precooked foods known to everyone in Finland is packed in Artekno packaging.

"For me, the partnership with Artekno began in 1999 when I was working in the product development at Saarionen-Ruoka Oy. One of my duties at the time was working with packaging development", recalls Ari Matilainen, who is a Buyer at Saarioinen Oy.

"The collaboration with Artekno is close, naturally, as both companies are part of the same group. Over the years, we have developed packaging products together with Artekno's Central-European leaders", Matilainen continues. During the long partneship, Matilainen has been able to form a clear opinion of Artekno quality. "Artekno's strengths are high-quality products, the product knowledge of their sales team, timely deliveries and flexibility when needed. That is why I can warmly recommend Artekno."

The partnership is expected to become even closer in the future resulting in more in-depth packaging expertise.

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