From mould into plastic product

Artekno's products offer a solution for complex industrial manufacturing challenges and facilitate packaging and logistics. The manufacturing methods include lamination by manual lamination, reaction casting technique, thermoforming and injection moulding.

Artekno researches and develops

Materials and mould technology evolve constantly. With our own design and development operations, we ensure our place at the cutting-edge of development. Thanks to a well-thought structure, moulds can be modified and renewed, which guarantees the mould many use purposes and a long life. When a plastic expert is involved in product design from the start, it is possible to take production requirement into account already in the mould making and production planning phases.

ArteknoDesign – From Design into Production

We analyse the product's use and use environment, assess production volumes and select the appropriate manufacturing methods and raw materials in close collaboration with our clients. Our designer support the client in choosing the right plastic type for each product. Mould making, processing and desired end product properties are taken into account in the design phase and the 3D modelling.

Artekno is able to provide and manufacture several components of the same product from different plastic types. Through our partner network, we are able to offer the client 3D printing services that facilitate the development of new products and moulds. Artekno takes advantage of its 3D printing knowhow especially in product development in collaboration with the clients.

In the hands of Artekno, knowhow shapes the product – just an idea is enough.

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