Plastic products for commercial vehicles

Surface and cab interior components

Artekno has many clients in the commercial vehicle industry. For them, Artekno typically provides solutions for painted vehicle surfaces and cab interiors. We have been audited several times by our large clients who have chosen us as their trusted partner. Artekno's wide selection of materials combined with surface treatments enable comprehensive collaboration with the clients.

From material selection to production planning

Artekno's design service supports the client's device design process at every stage of development from the selection of materials to actual production planning. Polyurethane, PDCPD, reinforced plastic and cell plastic can be used for various products within the automotive and logistics industries.

Examples of commercial vehicle applications

Polyurethane / PDCPD (Telene®)

  • Outer casings
  • Railings
  • Interior upholstery (dashboards)
  • Seats, armrests, etc.

Reinforced plastic

  • Case structures
  • Deckings

Cell plastic

  • Body components of air conditioning, heating and ventilation equipment

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