Solutions for thermologistics

E-commerce & Logistics

Artekno's thermoinsulated products made out of EPS and EPP cell foam are used especially in the transportation of hot, cold or frozen products. These products cater perfectly to the needs of the growing e-commerce sector and facilitate correct product temperatures during transportation. We have also developed proprietary products for clients for food and healthcare related logistics.

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Efficient & Secure Logistics

Our packaging props and transportation temperature and location monitoring complement our logistics solutions and ensure efficient and secure logistics. We are more than happy to develop client-specific solutions for your individual needs.

See our Materials Bank for more information.

Examples of thermologistics solutions

Polyurethane / PDCPD (Telene®)

  • Insulated mail boxes

Cell foam

  • Thermo boxes
  • Cold gel packs


  • Location monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring

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