Artekno introduces an easy to use new generation data logger

Artekno introduces to the market first in the world in cooperation with Logmore a new generation data logger for temperature, location and humidity tracking. It is possible to install and synchronize with no extra software or device. Artekno Design and technology company Logmore in cooperation have developed a logger to meet the needs of today’s logistics industry. Transport information can be read directly from a cloud service with a smartphone or a computer. The service can be used to retrieve the transport history after years.

Artekno Smartbox for efficient and secure logistics
Artekno Smartbox is an affordable and easy to use package for its user. Artekno’s EPP-thermobox can be integrated with a logger and a cloud service, whereby thermo transport is both efficient and secure and verifiable afterwards. The data is stored in Artekno’s cloud service, from which it is easy for the user to check the tracking information collected by the logger. Artekno is Finland's market leader in thermo-transport equipment, and Smartbox will further strengthen this position.

Introduction and compatibility
Introduction of a logger requires only a smartphone with a camera or QR code reader application, and an account to Artekno's Smartbox cloud service. Logger is compatible with all mobile operating systems, like Android and iOS. Once the logger is connected to the account, the data can also be uploaded to the service without a username. Reading the data requires a username to the account. Thus, for example, the recipient of the transport can acknowledge the reception and read the temperature history on behalf of the sender.