Artekno Smartbox– industry’s most advanced IoT-solution

Artekno Oy brings to the markets an advanced Artekno Smartbox, which enables effective and safe thermo transportation and transportation tracking, without a separate software or device. Easy to use and inexpensive Artekno Smartbox includes an EPP thermo box, an integrated logger and a cloud service.

First in the world launched Artekno Smartbox integrates an Artekno EPP thermobox with an innovative temperature and location monitoring logger from Logmore Oy. Technologically advanced logger enables transportation tracking without any extra software or device. It saves the transportation data accurately to a cloud service, where it is globally readable with a smartphone or a computer, also afterwards. A logger is battery powered and works without a recharge even for 4 years.

Artekno Smartbox is Artekno’s answer to the demanding needs of the logistics industry. It meets all the relevant standards for monitoring food, pharmaceuticals and blood transport.

Artekno’s Head of Desing Lauri Nurttila: ”Artekno is Finland’s market leader in thermo logistics equipment, Smartbox further strengthens the position. With Smartbox we have the industry’s most advanced IoT-solution to offer.”

”Place the logger into a thermobox to maintain and verify the cold chain and to control transportation conditions. The cloud service saves the measurement history, location and temperature. The data history is easy and fast to get from the cloud, even after years. When the logger is not used the handy place to store it is on the lid,” Artekno’s Key Account Manager Tiina Nieminen guides.

Artekno Smartbox

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