Packaging Technology

When we design new packaging, we always strive for client and end user satisfaction. Thanks to our professional mould manufacturing process, our packaging can be modified later if necessary, which guarantees long packaging product life. Plastic, aluminium and cardboard packaging is designed in collaboration with the client, the mould provider and the product manufacturer.

Hygiene requirements & GMP criteria

Our food packaging products meet strict hygiene requirements. Our product manufacturing process takes place according to international GMP criteria that define the good manufacturing practices of materials to be used in contact with food. We do not use non-compliant materials.

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Artekno’s preparedness for the coronavirus
We monitor closely the development of the coronavirus situation and follow the instructions of our local authorities as well as the WHO. Artekno represents an industry sector (plastic and packaging…
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Customer Experience 2019 survey results
We asked our customers what a good customer experience consists of. Here are the answers.
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Artekno at GASTRO Helsinki 2020 trade fair
11.-13. March 2020 Artekno Oy will participate in GASTRO HELSINKI 2020, trade fair for the food and restaurant industries.
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